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Our Chapter Mission Statement
Since 2003, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of HDI is dedicated to helping its members maximize the return on their professional development expenditures. To this end, RMHDI facilitates sharing industry best practices information, provides peer networking opportunities, promotes personal development, and recognizes excellence in the support industry.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of HDI 2013 Board of Directors

 Chapter President
Jennifer Woolley
Responsible for overall Chapter success. With the Board, determines activities and events that contribute to membership value and Chapter growth.

(970) 754.1934

Phil R Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Marketing
Phillip Rubino
Responsible for local chapter expenditures and receipts and maintenance of financial transactions related to the local Chapter.

Responsible for maintaining the Chapter website, and implementing our social media communications strategy.

(303) 681.1904

Vice President of Membership
Coordinates membership drives and related activities. Designs and implements strategies for building Local Chapter membership. Establishes committees or programs to build membership. Membership list verification / updating.


Vice President of Programs
Lolita Hayes
Responsible for selecting meeting locations and coordinating industry expert speakers.


Vice President of Special Events
Audrey Greiss-Quinn

Vice President of Communications
Vivianne Johnston

Responsible for meeting notifications, chapter web site maintenance & updates, and meeting surveys.

(303) 964.5344

Secretary and Newsletter Editor
Stacy Heidt
Responsible for creating Chapter Newsletter, Chapter and meeting advertising and public announcements, and vendor relations. Responsible for creating / distributing all meeting minutes.


Vice President of Vendor Relations
Ryan Bulan
Assists the VP of Public Relations / Newsletter in finding locations for meetings and sponsors for meetings and events.

(303) 756.9027

Members At Large

Training – Lolita Hayes

Locations – Ellis Blevins
(303) 296.2345

Circle of Excellence – Cynthia Schuller

Membership Coordinator – Abbie Turek

Membership Coordinator – Janessa Jacobson

With sincerest appreciation for volunteering to serve –
Past Chapter Officers

Michael Armour
Mike Henderson
Jamie Kuttenkuler
Carol Sloper
Stacy Boyce
Kimberly Burdi
Joe Hackney
Chris Dancy
Todd Varble
Jennifer Zunk
Michael Alvino
Wade Beckman
Anthony Borzymowski
Shirley Eaves
Rick Kilton
Sue Newman
Deidre Steuber
Carol Nation
Dawn Mular
Arlene Christjansen
Steve West
David Bickford
Rod Cyr
Brian Hiatt
Kathryn Klein
Jody Riggs
Jay Schupp

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