Join us in March for a presentation on Recycle Yourself given by Mr. Jeffrey Lund

March 16th 2017 HDI Rocky Mountain Chapter Meeting

We hope you will join the discussion at the March Rocky Mountain HDI meeting to find out if you are able to recycle yourself. Learn techniques from Jeffrey Lund on how to reinvent and revitalize yourself.

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Details:  By going back to the fundamentals and looking at why we entered the profession we did we can reinvent ourselves and revitalize ourselves. The session includes discussion on change, Leader vs Technician, collaboration vs isolation and a working session on leadership dimensions.

Speaker Bio:  Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in EPO Biology from the University of Colorado.  He also holds an MBA-Finance from Colorado State University as well as teaching and principal licensures.   His goal is to help individuals, teams and organizations discover their true potential. Jeffrey has been consulting and developing programs for over 18 years. With a strong background in business operations and leadership, he has been developing entrepreneurial mind-sets with individuals.   In his words:  The goal of business operations is to ‘help all who cross my path discover true fulfillment in all they do.” It is not my goal to develop programs and processes solely for profit, but to tailor programs to fit the needs of our clients in any capacity. Through effective collaboration and communication processes, we are able to grow any individual, team or organization.

Jeffrey currently works as an Instructional Program Consultant to support the Innovation Center within the Race To The Top grant.  His focus is on building entrepreneurship programs in order to enhance opportunities for the students and the Innovation Center.



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