Managing Energy versus Time How to Increase Your Energy

February 20 HDI Rocky Mountain Chapter Meeting

Details:  Managing Energy (vs Time) is the key to high performance in work and life.

To be the most efficient in every dimension of life, time is not the critical factor, the energy you bring to the time you have, is. Energy is a resource that has not been managed effectively nor has it received much attention. We’ll explore this idea and discuss some methods to increase your energy to apply to the things that are of most importance to you.

About the Speaker: Jeff Klem, Vice President of Talent Management for Vail Resorts

Jeff Klem is the Vice President of Talent Management for Vail Resorts.  His responsibilities include succession planning, leadership development, change management and culture development.  He is passionate about creating an environment where colleagues choose to do their best work and connect what they do with who they are.

Prior to joining Vail Resorts in August of 2012, Jeff was the Senior Vice President of Healthways, a well-being company based in Nashville, TN..  In addition to typical HR responsibilities, Jeff lead a cross-functional group responsible for improving the well-being of Healthways colleagues through new and innovative methods.

This first half of Jeff’s career was spent as a consultant.  He worked for 14 years as a change management consultant with Accenture, Aon Consulting and his own small firm, Inclusive, Inc.  Jeff focused on supporting leaders through restructure, mergers and acquisitions, new executive integration, developing personal leadership competencies, and overall creation of people and culture strategies.

Jeff received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Eastern Illinois University and his Master’s in Organizational Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  He is a current board member of the Academy of Management’s Organization Change Division.  He resides in Golden, Colorado with his wife and two young children.

Pre-Reading and Assessment:  Jeff Klem is requesteing that you kindly read the The Making of A Corporate Athlete document and fill out the assessment prior to attending the meeting and bring them with you that day.

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