Past Events

Our speakers often share articles or presentation files with HDI after presenting on a topic. Links for materials presented are available via hyperlinks in the Topic section below.

21-Jan-16Roy AtkinsonMetrics, and Myths about Metrics
10-Dec-15Richard J. BryanAnalyst and Desktop Technician of the Year Awards luncheon
19-Nov-15Jeff RumburgService and Support as a Business: KPIs that Tell the Big Picture
15-Oct-15Tammy RimesHow to Give a Dazzling Performance: Become the MVP of Your Organization
17-Sep-15Leslie CookSolve My Problem Workshop
14-May-15Colorado Rockies vs Philadelphia Phillies
16-Apr-15Richard J. Bryan"Lessons from Frank"
19-Mar-15Ana-ChristinaBuilding Resilient Leadership
19-Feb-15Michael StanleyEverybody Communicates, Few Connect!
15-Jan-15Leslie CookIndustry Round Table Discussion
11-Dec-14Annual Holiday Luncheon and AOY / DST Award Ceremony
20-Nov-14Ana-ChristinaAre you a Confident Communicator?
16-Oct-14TourAt Starz
18-Sep-14Michelle S. JaramilloBusiness Intelligence: Communicating Value to Your Users
22-May-14SocialColorado Rockies Game
17-Apr-14Phyllis WasmuthThe Art of Execution – Outline for Success
20-Mar-14Jeff Brooks, Research Director, GartnerTell The Story with Business Value Dashboards
20-Feb-14Jeff Klem, Vice President of Talent Management for Vail ResortsNeed more energy? Managing Energy (vs Time) Need more energy? Managing Energy (vs Time)
16-Jan-14Elizabeth Hall and Marcos del Rios from CH2M HillExceptional Customer Service Experience
How to implement a formal QA program to help
your team take it to the next level!
12-Dec-13Keith OrndoffAnalyst and Desktop Technician of the Year Awards Party
21-Nov-13Audrey EpsteinEmotional Intelligence
17-Oct-13Chris BrossEmerging Data Storage Technologies
19-Sep-13Rick Joslin, HDI Executive Director of Certification and TrainingKnowledge Management Best Practices within Service Management
16-May-13Phyllis WasmuthReorganizing Our Team Processes to Streamline Delivery
18-Apr-13Roundtable DiscussionTour of Starz Client Support Services
21-Mar-13Ted HellmuthRock Star Employees: Building a Talented Service Desk
17-Jan-13Kimberly BurdiHow to find the right candidate or the right job!
13-Dec-12Annual Holiday Party and Awards Celebration
15-Nov-12Creating a Culture of Trust - A Success Story
18-Oct-12Panel Discussion: What’s Your Strategy? Supporting Mobile Devices in the Workplace
20-Sep-12Leader as Coach: Why and How You Should Use Coaching
16-Aug-12Green is Gold
22-May-12HDI 2012 - A Digital ExperienceHDI's digital conference
17-May-12Joe McBreen, CIO, St. Vrain Public School District
Julie Butcher, CIO, National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Lisa Whitehouse, Global Operations and Infrastructure IT Director, CH2MHill
Robert Green, CTO, Dizzion Inc.
CIO Roundtable
(Followup Materials)
16-Feb-12LifeSpan TourData Security & Compliance Issues with IT Asset Disposition (Presentation)
19-Jan-12Stacy Boyce, Director of IT Operations, Information Technology, EntWhat's Your Type
8-Dec-11John Reed, Executive Director, Robert Half TechnologyAOY / DST Awards Banquet. Presentation: "IT Hiring and Compensation Trends 2012" Click (HERE)for details about the event
17-Nov-11Craig BaxterDisaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning
20-Oct-11Ellis BlevinsBusiness Etiquette - The New Rules in a Digital Age
15-Sep-11Chris DancyCustomer Engagement is in the Palm of your Hand
18-Aug-11Wil CrossleyAffecting Human Decision Making
19-May-11CIO Roundtable, moderated by CDI IT Solutions
21-Apr-11Josh Raab, Long View SystemsIntegration of Chat at Your Service Desk
17-Mar-11Barbara Davis, Exempla Good Samaritan Medical CenterA Framework for Excellence: Simple, Sleek, and Sublime
Februay 17, 2011Sophie Klossner, HDI CorpHow Full is Your Bucket
20-Jan-11Marrk Shell, Booth Allen HamiltonDon't Roll the DICE with your next project - Learn the four key factors for success
9-Dec-10John Estes, Director of Training, Technology Staffing Services, Robert Half InternationalAnnual Holiday Party and AOY Celebration
18-Nov-10Christopher Dean, PureShare Inc.Making Metrics Meaningful
21-Oct-10Rae Garrett (Organization Culture and the Effective Service Desk)
16-Sep-10Shari Harley, author and trainerManaging Your Professional Reputation: What They Say When You're Not There
Details: Are you someone your colleagues and customers want to work with, or have to? Do you know? Take the guessing out of working with others. Give other departments what they want; when they want it, how they want it and knock service levels out of the park. Improve your and your departments reputation by finding out how you are seen by your internal customers, and everyone is a customer. Get more feedback enabling you to take control of what you put in front of others and the impressions you create. As a result, build long lasting customer relationships that outlast economic downturns, miscommunication, and conflict.
20-May-10Joanne Smikle, Author of Coaching, The Lost Leadership Art and ConsultantLeading The 7 Dwarves: It's Harder Than You Think. You think Snow White ran off with a handsome prince? Not so! She got sick and tired of trying to lead those darn dwarves to peak productivity. The dissension, discord and devilment got the best of her! This insightful presentation takes the mystery out of leading even the most cantankerous characters. You'll easily identify with Snow Whites struggles to build and maintain a cohesive core of comrades able to create the fairy tale organization. You'll get techniques for creating meaningful connections between people, processes and products
15-Apr-10Greg Morrison, Program Chair for theitSMF Rocky Mountain LIG (A Practical Perspective on ITIL and the Service Desk.)(Joint meeting with itSMF Rocky Mountain LIG). An introduction to itSMF and HDI along with an overview of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework, its value propositions, and the close ties it has with Service Desk. This will be a practical perspective of ITIL with an emphasis on the relationship with Service Desk. ITIL is a set of industry "good practices" that are moving Service Providers away from traditional / legacy thinking when it comes to delivering quality services.
25-Mar-10Joe Kincaid, CH2MHILLEverything You Wanted To Know About Hiring, Training and Retaining Your Staff - But You Didn't Know What To Ask. Recruiting, Training, and Retention, The CH2MHILL Way. Many organizations struggle with finding the best employee to fit within their organization. Just when you thought you found the right person, the employee either leaves or you ask them to leave within 3-6 monthsÉthat is if they make it out of your training program. Over the course of the past 1.5 years, CH2MHILL has developed a process that works for their organization and they will be sharing that process.
18-Feb-10Kathy Stang, Vail Resorts TrainerTrust In The Workplace. Is your workplace plagued with low initiative employees, high turnover, turf wars, rumor mills, or defensiveness? If so, you may be faced with a distrustful workplace. Trust, or the lack of it, in the workplace has a direct impact on the success of an individual, team or company performance. Trust is a foundation for motivation, loyalty, and positive work environment. It is the power behind integrity and honesty. But exactly how can we build trust in the workplace and avoid losing it when it is obtained? Join us as Kathy explores how to build trust in today's workplace and pitfalls that can lead to negative behavior.
21-Jan-10Sophie Klossner, Director of Local Chapter Membership,HDIThe Power of Community. Since the founding of our country, Americans have understood the value of being able to associate and assemble. Our founders understood and believed the concept of forming associations or communities as important to the future of our country, so much so that they wrote it into the U.S. Constitution (excerpt from HDI Focus Book The Professional Association written by Rich Hand.) HDI, the community for the support professional, takes on the personality of the individuals within its community. Sophie Klossner invites you to become part of that personality. Join her on the road to a powerful community that you build, that you take away from it what you put in, and what that community can give you in return for your support.
Check out the video of the event HEREcourtesy of ServiceSphere!
10-Dec-09Dave Wilmer, Robert Half TechnologyAnnual Analyst of the Year Awards Celebration Luncheon and Holiday Party
Congratulations to Amber Ervin of CH2M HILL!
On Thursday, December 10, 2010 at Morton's Steakhouse, Amber Ervin was honored by a group of more than 50 members and guests as the 2009-10 Rocky Mountain Chapter AOY of the Year.
Workforce 2012: RU Ready?It's about knowledge management and generational synergy. In the coming decade, millions of baby boomers will retire and far fewer new employees will arrive to take their place. The greatest shortages will hit around 2012 and intensify afterward after more and more baby boomers exit the labor force. The implications for your business include loss of intellectual capital and a shrinking pool of leadership candidates. Are you prepared and set up for future success?
19-Nov-09Stephanie Collins,JumpSpark Coaching & ConsultingHow Much Joy Can You Stand? The 10 Truths to Creativity. Are you looking to fire up your creativity at work and at play? Want to ignite your professional skills, communications, and effectiveness at work? Are you someone with ENERGY and A PASSION, but you've gotten so scattered you don't know where to begin? Do you sometimes light up to the point of tingling when you think about all you want to accomplish in the life and you're gutsy enough to admit you need a helping hand?
Then you are what Stephanie Collins calls an Intelligent Spitfire. You are energetic, full of ideas, and doing pretty well for yourself. You have big dreams, but maybe life has gotten a little flat, and you're ready for more. You are stuck. Or you are facing a tough transition. You stand at the edge of something big...and you need a push. You, Intelligent Spitfire, know your spark is there, you just need someone to shine a light on it.
We all have a spark within us, that THING that really lights us up, that set of unique skills, talents, interests and characteristics that makes us who we are. It's this spark that leads us on our true path, and that is our contribution to the world. Join us on November 19 as Stephanie helps guide you through rediscovering your spark and then helping you JUMP into action!
15-Oct-09Diane Darling, Founder and CEO of Effective NetworkingSurvival Tips for Effective Networking. Know who to ask if you have a question in the office?Ê Want to get to know more people at HDI? Trying to figure out best ways to stay in touch with people you meet at conferences or even social connections? Networking is the fastest way to get anything done - professionally or personally. But few understand what networking really is or how to do it effectively. Join us at the October meeting to hear nationally recognized networking expert Diane Darling speak on maximizing opportunities. She will share techniques and tips that can be immediately implemented.
17-Sep-09Darren Stahl,FrontRange Solutions, IT Asset Management SpecialistThe ROI of Software Asset Management.You probably already know that Software Asset Management (SAM) is something you should be doing; after all it makes sound business sense to make sure you are utilizing assets to their full potential while also avoiding the potential risks of being out of compliance with licensing laws. But you also know that your executives aren't going to invest without a strong ROI case. Learn why SAM is so important to your organization and how to create an ROI model to prove it.
20-Aug-09Christopher Dancy, Founder and Vice President,ServiceSphereSocial Networking and the Service Desk.LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and countless other sites are changing the way our users think of not only the web, but also of support. See how organizations - big and small - are using social networking to engage their customers. Get information on the 'gottcha's' when dealing in the websphere, and be represented in the spaces your end users are spending a lot of their time.
June / July 2009No MeetingsThe Rocky Mountain Chapter of HDI Does Not Meet During the Summer Months.
21-May-09John Frey, Senior Sustainability Executive, HPGoing Green - Practical Ways for IT to Make a Positive Impact. Many leaders in IT are introducing "Green" concepts into their enterprises. With increasing energy costs, complex compliance documentation requirements, and greater demand for mobile computing and communications, it is important to examine this topic to maximize the use of technology while still reducing the impact on the environment. Join us at this meeting to discuss some practical ways you can make a difference at your company. Green IT for Dummies download:
16-Apr-09Marty Bobo, Senior Account Executive, Trends Lead to SaaS -- Are You Ready?Applications using the Internet as the development and delivery platform are proving to be more flexible, user friendly, cost effective and easier to manage. What is SaaS (Software as a Service), and how can your organization prepare for it?
Understand why traditional client/server ITSM applications are a thing of the past
Gain clear insight into the different variations of SaaS
Get the "real" story about SaaS - dispelling common myths
Begin developing a plan to capitalize on SaaS to drive your organization forward.
19-Mar-09Phil Gerbyshak, Author and Relationship GeekRecession Proof Your Career and Life! Today there is no such thing as job security. Recession-proof your career by looking beyond the job market and start looking within yourself. Learn how to build your personal brand and uncover dozens of ideas to get connected, stay connected, and always be in the front of mind of those around you.
19-Feb-09Susan Cheedle, District President for Robert Half TechnologyBusiness Etiquette, and Mistakes in an Uncertain Economy. What does it mean to have great business manners? In this session we will cover:
What is Business Etiquette?
Making a good first impression
Listening skills
Cube etiquette
In-person etiquette
Navigating office politics
Sharing credit
Conflict Resolution
Meeting etiquette
Email etiquette
Phone etiquette
Note: RHT was not able to share the full presentation to post on our website.Ê If you would like a hard copy of the handout for 30 Mistakes Managers Make, please contact Ellis Blevins at RHT(
15-Jan-09Eric Lance, Numara SoftwareThe Importance of Change management: In today's chaotic IT environments we are forced not only to support end-user productivity, but implement multiple configurations to allow the business to function. The Service Desk can not function without structure - but who has time to evaluate it all? The Service Desk is more critical than ever to implement a firm Change Management approach to ensure that business is delivered on time, without interruption, and allows IT to plan for the future!
10-Dec-08Angela Libby Jankousky, Turning Point PresentationsThe 2008 Analyst of the Year was Announced. George Kobar, Operations Services Specialist for CE-Staples was awarded the award at a luncheon held at the Great Northern Tavern. Congratulations George!
20-Nov-08Chris Dancy, Founder,ServiceSphereA 12 Step program for your staff when supporting your users becomes a codependent nightmare. Chris will lead us through the process to see how quickly organizations can go from taking calls, to obeying demands, and how this disturbing trend can be set straight! A "codependent" is one side of a relationship between mutually needy people. To help "fix" the support function in organizations, band aids like, ITIL, Six Sigma, new staff or even new software are often deployed. This usually leads to more confusion and frustration on the part of the support staff and customers. During this topic we will look at the 12 signs of trouble, for instance, "Do as we say, Not as we do", "Death By Metrics" and "Category Other"! Finally we will reveal the 12 signs of enlightenment. Of course the first step is to admit that we might have a problem.
16-Oct-08Bill Irvine, Front Range Solutions, Portfolio ArchtitectITIL... WIIFY (What's In it For You) WIIFY and your organization with ITIL, ie what are some of the benefits and ROI that your organization could realize. Field case studies of what benefits and ROI other organizations have seen by implementing ITIL. Look at the governance aspect of doing ITIL, and what it means to govern horizontal processes and services vs. the traditional vertical IT silos.
18-Sep-08Bob Gills, Bomgar, Regional ManagerVirtualization of Support and How Mobile Users Are Changing SupportÊRapidly changing technologies (desktops, laptops, hand-held devices), coupled with an increase in the sophistication of these devices and the increasing mobility of the end user have caused many organizations to re-examine how they are providing support. During this session, we?ll examine how support organizations are evolving to use their scarce resources in a more effective manner while also increasing the quality of service.
21-Aug-08Ken Axt, FrontRange SolutionsTransforming IT Into a Strategic PowerhouseStrategic corporate initiatives including Sarbanes Oxley, ISO, ITIL, and COBIT are reshaping companies today and creating new challenges for IT. This evolution has also created an opportunity for IT to be repositioned within the business as an agent for change and a strategic enabler. This presentation will examine the current challenges and opportunities for IT, present insights on current and future priorities from IT executives, and detail the Unified Service Desk model for consolidating asset and service management. This model will include a checklist of must have capabilities for strategic Service Desk software applications.
15-May-08Lynn Osborn, Pinnacle TechnologiesHow to Teach Your Staff NOT to CommunicateÊIf there is a job more unsung than working on a typical helpdesk, it may be the job of training helpdesk people. Many people think that problem solving skills and people handling skills are two completely different things, and that nobody can be good at both. You will learn why that is untrue. Lynn will be talking about the three largest challenges the sees facing Helpdesk and QA managers and his suggestions for addressing them. He will also discuss how ITIL is changing the role of the Helpdesk in companies of all sizes and industries.
16-Apr-08Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer of HDIHoly Cookie Thief Batman! Culture Best Practices for Ownership and Away from Blame. Back by popular demand! This SUPER fun, SUPER FRIENDS session withKirk, the Captain of Creating Cool Culture is focused on helping us to help ourselves and others to avoid the blame game, inspire greater levels of personal accountability, and take ourselves and our cultures from half-baked to hot-out-of-the-oven with leadership that is ready to inspire and READY TO SERVE!! Meeting co-sponsored with the Colorado Springs Chapter of HDI.
20-Mar-08Kathy Stang, Vail Resorts Training DepartmentWhat's Your Carrot? Motivating Across Generations. As leaders, peers, and parents we coach and motivate others every day. This workshop identifies the components of motivation while exploring cross-generational issues in the workplace. Study the primary motivators and de-motivators of individuals at work from a range of perspectives.Discover the stages and eras that comprise commonly held generational values and beliefs.
21-Feb-08Richard Hand, Executive Director of Membership of HDI GlobalCustomer Service Satisfaction Index. Join us as Rich Hand discusses the results of the 2007 HDI Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Study. The study was conducted between April and September of 2007. The study analyzed over 250,000 incidents from over 200 support centers, in 6 countries, and 28 industries. Find out how you are doing compared to others in your industry. If you are considering how to measure Customer Satisfaction or want to find out where you stand in the industry you will want to be at this meeting. The agenda will include:
Stereo Types vs. Reality
Study Overview
Data Gathering Process
Study Background
Report Details
17-Jan-08Steve Murtagh, Manager of Performance Management Practices for Intervox GroupTotal Performance Management. Performance management is much more than the publication of detailed statistics and measurements. Without the context of clear business objectives, metrics can be irrelevant or worse, misleading. Without well designed reports that are meaningful to non-support executives, the best of call centers may be struggling in vain to get the political and financial support they require. Finally, companies often fail to realize the long term strategic benefits their call center is capable of providing because of incomplete or poorly designed performance measurement systems. In this session, attendees will learn the three components of effective performance management, explore ways of implementing them within the call center environment, and review some real-life examples. Learn how to take the first steps in moving your call center from performance measurement to Total Performance Management.
13-Dec-07Annual Holiday Luncheon and Analyst of the Year Award. No speaker.The 2007 Analyst of the Year was Announced. Walter Ryan, Helpdesk Analyst for AgInfoLink was awarded the award at a luncheon held at the Denver Aquarium. Congratulations, Walter.
15-Nov-07Robin Finegan, Program Co-Director for Fraud Prevention, Denver District Attorney's OfficeIdentity Theft: Are You At Risk? Do you carry a purse or wallet? Do you pay your bills with checks and put them in your mailbox or a blue postal box? Is your Social Security number in your wallet? Do you receive numerous credit card solicitations in the mail? Do you use a cross-cut shredder? Come to this program and learn how these and other lifestyle habits increase your risk for identity theft - the fastest growing economic crime in Colorado. This program, presented by the Denver District Attorney's Economic Crime Unit, uses a lifestyle habits quiz to test your risk. You'll learn what you can do to reduce your risk, your rights under State and Federal laws, as well as what steps to take if your identity is stolen. Over 10,000 Denver-area consumers have reduced their risk by attending this program. You will be amazed at what you will learn.
18-Oct-07Marcia Pessemier,Limelight PresentationsOvercoming Overwhelm: If I feel Confident and Competent, Why Am I Still So Overwhelmed? Stressed Out and Don't Have Time to Make This Meeting? Then you NEED to come to the October Meeting! Does the pace or stress of your job or daily life make you feel like you never have time to come up for air? That there's no light at the end of that never-ending tunnel? Although Marcia has over 20 years as a seasoned entrepreneur, she almost went down with the ship a number of times. She was tossed around by corporate mergers. She almost drowned during a difficult divorce. And, she was flooded with fear while fighting ovarian cancer. Marcia has had her share of problems, but she has found A secret to staying afloat. Through sharing her experiences, she will share her methodology of how to overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed regardless of circumstance with a three step process: Organize, Prioritize, and Strategize.
20-Sep-07Larry Baldwin,Results by Design President,Providing Excellent Customer Service.To help our members kick off National Customer Service Week (October 1 -7, 2007), Larry will provide an overview of a four-step formula for providing quality service and support to end-users or customers. The presentation will address topics such as how to "send" a positive attitude to your customers, how to identify client needs and expectations - and then meet them, and how to make sure the customer would "choose" to use your service again if they had the choice.
16-Aug-07Katherine Spencer Lee,Executive Director ,Robert Half TechnologySuccession Planning - How to Train Your Staff to Replace You. With Baby Boomers retiring, what is the plan for your Help Desk? Help Desk agents are often promoted due to technical proficiency, yet these agents often lack people management skills. How do you prepare someone for a future management career? Katherine will cover topics such as management development training, important soft skills which are often overlooked in favor of hard tech skills, assessment modeling exercises, succession planning, identifying staff members most suitable for future management positions, younger managers (Gen Y) working with more experienced staff members, and more.
21-Jun-07Kevin J. Smith, Vice President, Products -FrontRange SolutionsThe Next Generation Service Desk Solution - Upgrading the "Help Desk" to a "Service Desk. With issues like "Corporate Governance", "IT Best Practices", "ITIL", "SOX", "Improved Efficiency of Services Delivered", and "Alignment of IT within the Business" - today's Help Desks are being tasked with more roles than ever. How do they leverage new technologies to evolve the Help Desk into a true Service Desk? This meeting was held in conjunction with our sister chapter from Colorado Springs.
17-May-07doshin M.J. Nelson,Founder of Integral Zenand Co-Founder of The Poetry of Dying Project"Zen and the Art of Mastering Changing Roles!" Participants explored non-traditional methods to help themselves and their staff more skillfully adapt to changing roles brought on by budget cuts, mergers, department consolidations, or just changes in daily operations to improve efficiencies. doshin M.J. Nelson provided the audience with a very interactive presentation on: What Zen is; The Four Nobel Truths about Business: 1. There is stress, 2. The cause of stress is often ignored, 3. There must be a way to end stress, and 4. No one seems to know how to end all this stress - what is the way out of stress?; The Eight Fold Path to Enlightenment; and an exercise on shifting one's perspective.
19-Apr-07Jeffrey Brooks, Senior Manager of Support Services for Peak 10"Nike¨Is Just Plain Wrong!" Delegate for Efficiency. Think back to those Nike¨ commercials happily telling us to "Just Do It!" The problem for many managers, supervisors, and leads is that they want to be a "Mr. Fix It." Even with support staff around, today's leaders still chose to do all the work. Perhaps you are guilty of saying, "If I want it done right, I'll do it myself!" The end result of not delegating is one or more of the following: Very stressed, Working too much, Complaining about "not enough time in the day," Always late with assignments or to meetings.
15-Mar-07John Estes, Vice President, Robert Half TechnologyStaffing for Success:IT Hiring Trends for 2007. Robert Half International is a leader in the IT Staffing Industry. John will discuss current trends in the IT world and how to staff your Help Desk for success.
22-Feb-07Rick Kilton, President,RWK Enterprises, Inc.The Art of Service Level and Operating Level Agreements. SLAs and OLAs are critical in today's business. How do you write one? How do you maintain a high level of support and service? Rick will take a general look at how to start and build effective SLAs and OLAs.
20-Jul-06Peggy Libbey, President and COO, Help Desk InstituteThe Sarbanes Oxley Act. Is it working? What is it costing organizations? Are there any benefits? This presentation is a reflection and analysis from an IT point of view two years after the Act went into effect as the SEC announces the next steps for SOX compliance. There do not seem to be any clear cut answers, but opinions abound.
15-Jun-06Lisa Curtis, Director of Consumer Services, Denver District Attorney's OfficeIdentity Theft: Are You At Risk? Do you carry a purse? Do you pay your bills with checks and put them in your mailbox or a blue postal box? Is your Social Security number in your wallet? Do you receive numerous credit card solicitations in the mail? Do you use a cross-cut shredder? During this program, you will learn how these and other lifestyle habits increase your risk for identity theft.
16-May-06Pete McGarahan,Founder and President, McGarahan & AssociatesAchieve Strategic Leadership Thinking. Achieving Strategic Leadership Thinking requires time. It also depends on your ability to empower your team to manage the day-to-day operations. As you shift your focus from managerial tasks to creating your aligned support strategy for delivery valued services, you must enlist the support and buy-in of key stakeholders. You will learn first to make the time, make the plan, and lead the execution of a continuous improvement roadmap.
20-Apr-06Judy Benda, Chief Learning Office with PC HowTo; Marc Caltabiano, Senior Director of Product Management with Knova Software; TBD with RemedyKnowledge Management Vendor Presentations
16-Mar-06Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer, Help Desk InstituteInspirational Leadership: Are You a Pooper or a Scooper?
16-Feb-06Amy May Everett, President, Amtech Marketing, Inc.The Art and Science of Performance Management: Your Blueprint for Success.
19-Jan-06Roundtable on 2006 Planning
15-Dec-05Holiday Lunch and Helpdesk Analyst of the Year Award
17-Nov-05Telephone Imagery: Building Your Company Image and Making the Right Connection
20-Oct-05Creating a Great Customer Service Organization
15-Sep-05Customer Service Week
16-Jun-05Balanced Scorecard
5-May-05Value of HDI Networking
21-Apr-05Metrics Roundtable
23-Mar-05The Art & Science of Survey Design
17-Feb-05The Future of the Support Industry and New at HDI
20-Jan-05HDI Best Practices Survey Analysis
16-Dec-04Managing Distress
18-Nov-04Roundtable Discussion
21-Oct-04Strategic Management
16-Sep-04System Development Cycle, Change Management Cycles
19-Aug-04Guide to Mapping Out Helpdesk Processes
15-Jul-04Helpdesk Trends for 2004-2005
17-Jun-04Service Metrics Roundtable
20-May-04ITIL Service Level Management
15-Apr-04Employee Retention in a Changing Market
18-Mar-04Remote PC Diagnostics and Repair Tools
19-Feb-04Service Roundtable - Hot Topics
15-Jan-04ITIL Best Practices in Support Services and Delivery
18-Dec-03Kirk WeislerHelpdesk Leadership
20-Nov-03Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
16-Oct-03Knowledge Centered Support
18-Sep-03Kick Off Customer Service Week
12-Aug-03Best Practices for Service Level Management
17-Jul-03ITIL Overview
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